Architectural Controls

Haven Designs has been selected by the Willow Creek HOA Design Committee to review and provide a recommendation to the Design Committee on all submitted design applications (including: construction of any residential building, structure, improvement or premises on or  excavation of any portion of a parcel or any material change or alteration to any buildings, structures, improvements or premises constructed on a parcel including landscaping).

Haven Designs is the only approved Architectural Design Approval Firm for Willow Creek.  Any other Firms/People do not have authorization.

Approval Process

The approval process for these reviews can be found in Schedule B of the Restrictive Covenant - Design Regulations.

A preliminary review should be initially submitted, Preliminary Review Application Form.

Once all conditions identified in the preliminary review have been addressed a final review should be submitted for final approval, Final Review Application Form.

Fees for architectural review are $1,000 upon initial submission and an additional fee of $500 may be levied upon additional reviews.

New Haven Contact Information:

Petula Foley A.T.

Plan Design, Drafting & Architectural Control

4440 Cowichan Lake Road, Duncan BC, V9L 6J7



MPE Engineering stewards all the grades for Willow Creek.

Upon the the completion and approval of an architectural review - the approved design package submitted will be forwarded to  MPE Engineering to produce the grade slip.

Last cost of grade slip is $500.

Greg Sentis



If you have any questions please contact our design committee.