Who We Are

The Willow Creek Homeowners’ Association is an incorporated entity established and governed in accordance with the Restrictive Covenant and Articles of Association of The Willow Creek Homeowners’ Association.

Our Community
  • Nestled in the community of Bearspaw, Willow Creek is a prestigious community where every 2 acre haven has a view of the rockies
  • Our country estate retreats are just moments away from Calgary and Cochrane as well as mountain indulgences.
  • Over 30 acres of open spaces, with $2 Million in earthworks of 14 acres of integrated flowing ponds and refreshing waterscapes.
  • Nesting and life habitat for various species of duck, geese and fowl.
  • Reclaimed wetlands have been designed by an environmental consultant.
  • A friend of Ducks Unlimited and actively committed to creating and preserving a place where nature and mankind seamlessly converge.

Membership in the Homeowners’ Association is exclusive to properties to which the HOA Covenants are attached. Willow Creek Homeowners Association members are governed by Covenants and Design Guidelines. Both are legally-binding documents. The Association Covenants stipulate the purposes, membership and related logistics of operating the HOA as well as govern the use and maintenance of member property both personal and common. The Design Guidelines govern more specific architectural characteristics of homes and yards. All member homes must be in compliance with both the Covenants and the Design Guidelines.

All Homeowners’ Associations have covenants, and many have related design guidelines. Both are intended to preserve and promote property values and protect homeowner investments by ensuring everyone that certain things cannot be done that could have a negative impact on property values. The design guidelines in Willow Creek were crafted to promote a specific character of Premium Country Estate Homes.

Home Owner Association Board of Directors

Our HOA Board is a dedicated team of volunteers working to enhance our community, managing a wide variety of tasks on behalf of our members.

Homeowner Association Fees

HOA fees are $1,320+GST per year and are valid from January to December.

Homeowner fees pay for Garbage removal, Common Area maintenance such as cutting of grass, taxes, insurance, accounting / legal fees. and Management fees Remaining HOA funds are committed to community enhancement projects

All Homeowner fees are needed to maintain and beautify our community.