Proposed Rogers Cell Tower

September 2nd, 2019

Hello Willow Creek Residents and Neighbours,

Earlier this week Bearspaw residents started receiving a copy of an information package regarding a proposed Cell Tower directly to the SW of the Willow Creek Community (Close to the corner of Woodland Rd and Hwy 1A).

If you have not seen the package, here is a link to it.

Please let your HOA know about your concerns so we can summarize all of our residents thoughts, and forward this on to Rogers and Rockyview Council.  We can also base what additional measures the HOA can do based upon your feedback. 

We would like to encourage all Bearspaw residents to review this package and write a letter to Rogers Communications  Inc with your comments on the proposed tower installation.

Comments have to be received in writing by Rogers Communications Inc. by September 18, 2019.

Additionally please forward your comments to Samanntha Wright, Counsellor for Div 8, Rocky View County.

**There is a petition also circulating that opposes the proposed installation.  Petition Link is Here

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know at