New Mailboxes!

Good Morning!

I hope that everyone is managing with this extended period of cold...brrr...I know I am ready for spring.

Well we have some excellent news to announce - the mailbox shelter is officially completed AND we are fortunate to have received upgraded mailboxes from Canada Post this week.  Also, we took the opportunity to finish off the stone work on the bridge behind the new shelter - it really adds to the look of the community now that it is finished.

By now you should have received your keys and mailbox location from Canada  Post.  If you do not have your keys, please contact the Canada Post distribution centre in Royal Oak and they will help you out.

I would be amiss if I didn't take a moment to recognize many of the individuals that contributed to this project:

  • Brett Taylor with RedTree for the safe professional work and exemplary communication.
  • Derek and Jason for stewarding the competitive bid & evaluation, and clarification process
  • Derek for designing the solar lighting system.
  • Joel, Shiva, Shaun, Perry, Jason, Ross and TJ for providing feedback on the bids and pitching in whenever we had to answer contractor questions.
  • TJ and Perry for coordinating the New mailboxes.
  • Bart for providing some of the design ideas and getting squared away with the insurance requirements.

** One final note - with the new structure in place it looks like junk mail is being disposed of in the shelter.  Please take all mail with you, and if there is anything you want to discard, please do so at your residence. Discarding unwanted mail beside the mailboxes reflects poorly on our community.


Willow Creek HOA